Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This is the Place

Last night for FHE our branch did a service project up at This is the Place park. I'd never been up there, but it's pretty cool. They have lots of old buildings up there that have either been relocated or are replicas. For our service project, we were building a granite pathway to the Halfway House. Apparently, this house was the halfway point between Salt Lake and Provo. Travelers could stop here for food and lodging before continuing on their trip. The granite was interesting. It was from the quarry that was used to build the conference center. The pieces of granite were not even, so it took a lot of digging to get them level. Hopefully we did a good job so that they won't dig them up (they threatened to do so if it was wrong)!

Aftewards we went up to the original marker. It was kind of cool to be standing where Brigham Young and the rest of the pioneers were when they entered the valley. It has a great view! Someone mentioned that they wondered what Brigham saw when he was shown the valley and it got me thinking. Do you think he saw it in our day or when there was nothing? Food for thought. This gave me a whole new appreciation for the pioneers!

Stephanie and Barry

Carolyn and Tiffany

The Halfway House

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