Friday, May 23, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

Tonight I went with some friends to watch the Salt Lake Bees. We had a lot of fun, except the Bees lost 17-4...yikes! It wasn't a very entertaining game to watch, especially when they let the other team score 9 runs in one inning. Sheesh! We were also sitting next to a really obnoxious fan, I really wished they could've thrown him out of the game. But we still had fun and the fireworks after the game were awesome. There was a little kid sitting in front of us and his dad told him if he finished his HUGE bag of popcorn he would get $10. So what did the kid do? He kept feeding us his popcorn, of course! We took tons of pictures, so when they are emailed to me I will post them.


  1. What's up Cuz? I love your blog name Lydowski, I haven't even seen Lybowski, but I will have to.

  2. Fun. I went to a Bee's game. It was fun. Glad you could assist that kid with his popcorn. Oh, Matt thinks the picture of you in your previous post is really cute. I agree.